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Meet the Team 


Simon - Salon Director  

Simon has over 20 years’ experience. As Salon Director it’s his name above the door. 

Hair dressing is his passion, he loves a restyle helping you to achieve the change you desire.  Short hair and razor cuts are his signature. Simon is also a trained barber including hot towel wet shaving. 

Don’t be surprised if he calls you tiger, it’s his favourite word. 

If you’re fancying a change Simon is your man…


Karen - Business Partner 

Karen is Simon’s business partner; they opened the salon together 8 years ago.  Karen had been a client of Simon’s for around 5 years. Karen quickly gets bored of her hair style and loves a change… Simons ideal client! Karen isn’t a hairdresser but if you’re a regular customer you’ll probably recognise Karen from sweeping the floor and debris. 


Alex - Senior Stylist

Alex has over 25 years’ experience in hair dressing and has a great vision to create the look for you. She is chic, stylish and full of ideas. We know Alex as the ‘go to mother of the salon. Her speciality is bobs. 


Sophie - Stylist & Salon Manager

Sophie, the very first addition to our stylist team. Sophie joined in our original premises. Now part time following a little addition to her family. Great all around; Short, long, extensions creative colour, hair ups, wedding and prom hair .. Sophie enjoys the finer things in life. You will only find Sophie in on Tuesday and Friday so make sure you book early to avoid disappointment.


Nikki - Stylist 

Nikki is a great all-round stylist. She’s planned, organised and composed. Nikki is highly skilled at hair up, creative colour and hair extensions.  Nikki has her hands full with three fabulous young girls but still manages to be available for appointments on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. She also trains the younger members of our team and nurtures them to develop their individual skills.


Jess - Stylist

Jess is a sassy red head, who loves to have fun. Jess joined us as an apprentice completing her 4 year training at Francesco in Stafford with Simon as her in salon tutor. Jess has balayage down to perfection. 

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